"Markets come and go. Good businesses don't." - Fred Wilson - Co-founder, Union Square Ventures

Bangalore Angels is an initiative by members of the Mumbai Angels to create a similar, robust angel ecosystem in Bengaluru. It comprises of a vibrant group of successful entrepreneurs and experienced investors. The angels have built towering companies from scratch. This experience has endowed them with the skill & expertise to invest time and capital in great ideas backed by a solid team.

Bangalore is the epicenter of start-up activity in India. Bangalore Angels, much like its Mumbai chapter, was launched with the vision to connect aspiring entrepreneurs to a group of investors and mentors who they can approach without hesitation for financial support and guidance.

Globally, angel investment has been a local phenomenon and this is how it should be done in India as well. While Bangalore is often tagged as the Silicon Valley of India, it lacked a formal angel ecosystem integral to thriving startup culture.

Therefore, Bangalore Angels is a natural extension of the ecosystem that members of the Mumbai Angels have been able to create.

Startups are lonely, difficult choices made by people with immense determination and courage. Often, a little guidance and encouragement, that much-needed monetary injection at the right time can create the next breakthrough company in the country and world.

To make friends with startups in Bangalore, we are Bangalore Angels.